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About Us
Who Am I

I am Paul Coleman, welcome to my website. I Have trained with one of the oldest dog behavioural training companies in the UK, and worked for them. In providing support and advice for the Trainee Behaviourists, as well as for Clients - contacting us with their own dogs issues - I built up an extensive understanding of the problems out there. When a client calls me I am not normally their first attempt at solving their dogs problems, but I am usually the last.

I want to provide the best possible service for you. To achieve that I need - using my experience and knowledge - to find the root cause of the problem and then a solution to that which suits your lifestyle and commitments. Often this involves correcting the behaviours of the dog, sometimes the owner but usually I must find an effective balance between the two. If I can create a solution that removes the problems and which does not impact on lifestyle and commitments then I have had a successful day.

It is impossible for any behavourist to give a definitative solution to a dogs behaviour over the telephone without having seen the dog. There are too many variables that are impossible to for the owner to describe in a telephone conversation. Therefore an initial Home Visit is required in order to get the best possible result. Owner education can also play a vital role in prevention of problems developing in the first instance. A basic understanding of dog psychology and what a dog realy needs often stops problems in their tracks, hence my optional course - Basic Dog Psychology and Behaviour - can highlight many causes of poor behaviour and help the owner remedy the situation .

By the end of a Home Visit I want to have a noticeable improvement in the behaviour, with a clear and easy to understand plan for moving forward - not too much to ask really. With ongoing support afterwards, to help keep things on track, and further home visits if required, I have every confidence that you are provided with the best chance of a permanent solution.

My Philosophy

Simply put, my philosophy involves using whatever humane methods and tools that work with a particular dog and owner. By Humane I mean that they do not create fear or cause pain.

I also do believe that creating an environment that provides for the dogs and the owners wellbeing - while correcting the undesired behaviours in the dog - will provide a long term solution for everyone involved.